Thursday, 30 March 2017

Purple Day

Purple day was the 26th of march. purple day is to bring awareness and support for those suffering with epilepsy. 

My best friend's son is only 2 and he has epilepsy and so this is cause close to my heart. Because I love crochet almost as much as I love my friends son (but not quite) I decided to design a pattern of a purple rabbit and all profits from the sale of this rabbit will be donated to young epilepsy charity.
the pattern is available from my ETSY shop  
The pattern is a PDF download and permission is given to sell and rabbits you make from this pattern but not to copy or share the actual pattern.

I knew what I wanted to rabbit to look like and so designing the pattern was quite straight forward. The colour obviously had to be purple and I thought the grey added softness to the rabbit. One of the things I love to do to these types of designs is to add a pompom tail.

I used style craft wool because I wanted to keep the cost down for the person who will be making the rabbit. I wanted the pattern to be affordable and more accessible for the average crocheter.  I think my next step will be to put the pattern into US terms and all my patterns are in UK terms. I hope this will be an easy process and I am aiming to do it for all my designs.

It is a fairly easy pattern and if you happen to purchase it feel free to let me know how you got on with it and of course send me pictures of your rabbits.

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